A Leg-Up for 501c Startups™ (501cLegUp™) was at the time of its original launch, a new twist on 501c Startup-to-SmallBiz Program from Economic Empowerment Foundation for Exempt Startups & Small Businesses™ . Its based on the mentor/work-sharing efforts of the 501c Business Incubator Council, LLC™ Founder & Parent to EEF-501cand all the charities within the Collaborative.

Originally 501cLegUp™ was only for 501c charitable tech firms with small staffed operations of 1-5 people — 10 if temps or contingents is part of the team — and sparse revenue, hence the name, “a leg-up.” But exclusions being what they are, and the fact that we experience them as well, is our indicator other disciplines needed to be included. As such, as communications and other opportunities are identified, they will be included as well. Stay tuned for more.

A Leg-Up for 501c Startups™ now Awards Stipend for Special Projects to startup & young charities, some are tech-based others are strategically focused with an equal impact. Applicants to the Program can be just starting out, young in their operations, or an existing entity whose growth has become stuck due to COVID and/or the lingering effects of the 2018 Federal Shutdown — which to be truthful, began in early in 2017 or other political/legislative action preventing a barrier to their operations.

Applicants to the 501cLegUp™ Program must be prepared to complete an online application which places them into the 501cLegUp™ Pool to be matched with Web/Tech and other Projects. On our follow-up Applicants should be prepared to complete the application and project component portion of the registration process with the appropriate documentation which provides the info needed to match with a Student Intern training categories our Academic Partner Institutions indicate will be available. Not only will these opportunities materialize internally among our 25+ charitable entities, Project Opportunities will also come from our various Stakeholder Pools including Participant from a various Programs, our Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees & the subPrograms supporting that effort, Membership entities including the our Chamber, Founders Association and Impact Solutions Forum launching later this year, and much more.

PLEASE BE ADVISED…..things happen here extremely quickly and our updates are in real-time roughly 93% of the time. EVERYTHING IS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED & MAY ONLY BE SHARED “VISIBLY” THRU/WITH OUR EXPRESSED WRITTEN PERMISSION.

We are configuring a Badge to authenticate links to our web products have been Authorized & the sharing of our information is as timely as is possible for an external site to hold. Our content is both time sensitive and highly active in keeping with a newsroom. News about program, resources, discounts, launches and more are updated in real-time, often changing several times during the course of a day or week followed by lags until the next burst.

We CANNOT be held responsible for anything on website that ARE NOT OUR OWN, not under our control, contain resource/forms & other links that have becomes outdated, or is UNAUTHRIZED & SHARED WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION AS IT MAY BE/CONTAIN outdate information, links to forms or other resources accessed or learned about beyond our own growing network of website products, which is already considerable. We are also launching an EarlyBird Registration site expressly for this purpose. EBR was created to be the Biz Incubator’s megaphone for announcements and unless otherwise noted on the host web, will be target first post for all news, directing visitors to the appropriate destination, our badge will reflect that as well.

As of this post, only our Fiscal Sponsors Directory and GuideStar Memberships entities share our info copy-edited with our permission as part of our respective membership. And unfortunately, postings with orgs we no longer have an active membership with will be outdated as removal is not always possible to achieve. For such cases we can only offer an apologies that is occurred as such events are beyond our control and yours as well. Although no-fault-no fault is at play, that is also the nature of the beast of publishing to another entities environment which they manage/control not the owner of the info. So beyond these two orgs, information on us or any of our programs, incubator charities FOUND AT ANY OTHER LOCATION is DONE SO WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION.

Our Badge has not yet been deployed, but its image will be obvious and specific. When an orgs website is MISSING IT, THEY ARE SHARING AUTHORIZED INFORMATION.

Our Application and Registration Processes are constructed with your needs in mind, and are being updated to reflect several years worth of changes, new assets and expanded programmatic capabilities. The information we require is straightforward effort-wise, but necessary for audit purposes. The LegUp Applications launches that, and will be available following our follow-ups with prior applicants who have first rights as we restart.

To complete your Registration for 501cLegUp™, Applicants must agree to Mentor Interns from the Foundations various programs, to Work One-on-One with the Organizational Point of Contact (POC) once that Connection has been made, and to Close out Our Vetting Process. Vetting is done to affirm qualification for the program and cross-alignment with our Internships.

Just to reiterate, your work, purpose, who you serve or why has nothing to do with qualification. Its your status as-or-pursuit of 501c exemption that automatically puts your org into the program. Along with the Program Application, your registration to participate requires following instruments:

  • IF THE APPLICANT ALREADY HAS IRS APPROVAL, their IRS Letter of Determination confirming they are a legally recognized 501c,
  • their IRS EIN Letter 147 showing the Tax ID Number under a 501c Classification along with the Legal Business Name & dba if applicable
  • their home States Businesses Registration showing their business is a legally registered Non-Stock Non Profit Corporation, any Non-Home State Registrations; ALL must include the State Business Registration #s
  • their CAGE Code & SAM EUI Registration numbers showing Federal Registration as Non-Stock Non Profit Corporation; required for Registrants in any Federal Grant, TA, Teaming Partner, CTA or other sub-endeavor we manage, participate in or connect to in the Fed space
  • IF THE APPLICANT IS NOT YET IRS APPROVED APPLIED OR NOT, then the Verification Notice sent by the IRS confirming it has received the Registrants F1023/24 Application for Tax Exempt Status,
  • their IRS EIN Letter 147 showing the Tax ID Number under a 501c Classification along with the Legal Business Name & dba if applicable
  • their non-home State Business License & Registration showing their [future tax exempt] business is a legally registered Non-Stock Non Profit Corporation to/with operations in locations beyond the home state of incorporation. (i.e. DE is home state of biz reg, but operations are in MD, PA, DC, NJ — Biz Registration info needed for all 5 jurisdictions)

If assistance is needed with your home state or the IRS filings, obtaining copies, facilitating change of business name, locations, etc., Entity Formation Services at the 501c Business Incubator Council™ is available to help as this is one of the worlds we live in since the 70’s.

Over the last 12-18 months, both State and Fed procedures and process turn-around timelines have been increasing with no public announcements to that effect.

As such, we cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of advanced and strategic planning as these processing delays by Federal Agencies will only get worse.

A Leg-Up for 501c Startups™ is not an elimination competition for a grant. Beginning with web development, software product development, & technology engineering projects, The 501cLegUp™ Program is a series of small discipline-specific engagements The Foundation will award to small, young & future tech charities to complete. The Program pays a nominal, Fixed Stipend directly to Participants to off-set costs, and offers an array of perks and benefits, most of which are confidential, ALL of which include mentoring a Student Interns.

HTML5 Icon501cLegUp™ is not a Grant Program, so there are no Grants or disbursements to be made. This means there is nothing to be paid to a Fiscal Sponsor should that relationship exist. The Stipend is a fixed gratuity to help off-set an Awardees expenses. In addition to the Stipend, Program Awardees receive the following:
** branding/co-branding opportunities,
** complimentary 1-year-long memberships in the new Chamber & Founders Assn whose launch has also been COVID delayed but coming in 2024,
** Free Business Directory Listing for one year across CunNECT™, our Master Business Directory System that spans all web products within The Foundation Enterprise, and
** media & business market exposure

HTML5 Icon501cLegUp™ Awardees will also be welcomed to register as a Technology Vendor Partner which places them in 3PM™, The Foundations Procurement System which mirrors the Federal Government process and includes a dedicated Vendor Pool we use and make available to our Subscribers, Clients, Awardees and other Stakeholders. 501cLegUp™ Awardees will have their choice of one of the following added benefits:
** be featured on our weekly Spotlight Podcast
** to Host a Spotlight Podcast Episode, or
** receive complimentary Prime Placement at our Podcasting Business Center (PBC)™, a weekly 501cSmallBiz-to-SmallBiz MarketXchange we are also launching.

EEF-501c™ has been diligently building an Enterprise of unique programs, open-access to business assets that serve ALL 25+ types of IRS recognized 501c’s, not just 501c3’s. We are creating a peer-based 501cStartup-to-SmallBiz environment that is national in scope and self-empowering as a goal.

We are equally relentless in our goal to establish a workforce training system that serves everyone, especially the unemployed, under employed, Non-English speakers, adult literacy programs, and military transitioning back to civilian life, AND establishing financial contacts and resources that support business assets, including chartering a Federal Credit Union.

HTML5 IconThe Foundation has a number of workforce training programs to be launched or relaunched over the coming months into next year. Our Academic Partnership Initiative (API)™ is 501cLegUp‘s companion support program has also on hiatus thanks to the COVID Pandemic. As part of their participation 501cLegUp™ Awardees will be responsible for Mentoring API Student Interns. Please be advised we’ve established our own Domain Registration & Web Hosting operation so many of web products will move to interim locations as we get our new infrastructure setup.

API‘s new temp site is https://AcademicPartnership.501cEconomicEmpowermentFndn.org. the 501cLegUp site is still being updating following its migration to its temporary subDomain, a process which should be complete soon. As we have an existing wait list of prior applications, links to the Updated Program Application will be published accordingly.

Migration of the API™ Program site is currently in testing and should go live shortly. As well as the replacement site for 501cLegUp is also in prelaunch. Please excuse any down time, it will be as brief as is possible.

501cLegUp is not singular effort, program or activity, it involves matching up two (2) Awardees — exempt entrepreneurs with academic institutions to complete a specific, often unique or patent-related project. So there must be an API Student Intern table to align with a 501cLegUp Awardee.

Letters to Academic Institutions inviting their participation go out shortly. Kindly understand that Previous Applicants to the 501cLegUp‘s Program will be contacted first until that wait list has been exhausted.



We were overwhelmed by the response to the 501cLegUp™ Program, and inundated with applications for this new program when it first launched, the number of registrations exceeded both our Intern Capacity and Stipend Fund exponentially. Delays both unknown and due to events beyond our control included things like our former list processor being unaware its system accepted applications issued no notifications to us. So kindly accept our apologies.

As Tech and Engineers its MORE THAN FAIR that we should be on the receiving end and need our own services. The result of that processor error meant moving that function in-house to our own form server sooner than originally planned.

Going forward, across our entire Collaborative including our Parent LLC, ALL materials, be it an Application, Brochure, Registration Form, Subscription Order Form, or Early/Pre-Registration will be deployed as a custom Fillable PDF Form with the appropriate contacts and hyperlinks embedded within, including links to other sites, instruments, documentation.

We are a team of Volunteer Executives one full and others part time, and thank you for your patience. Please know we will be reaching out as quickly as is possible with next steps to the application and registration process. Meantime, don’t forget to visit the Academic Partnership Initiative™ program site as well to familiarize yourself with its parameters.

Thank you in advance for your time and interest in this program. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to succeed.

Take Care.